2 Friends, 2 Bikes, 2 Months and 27 countries

I first heard about these 2 South African born adventurers, Iain and Brandon through the ones father and quickly got invested in their journey. They are travelling from London where they are based down to South Africa, but instead of doing the Eastern or middle of Africa they are travelling down the west side.

Another reason I am fascinated by this is they are on 2 KTM 690 Enduro’s. While most riders traversing that many kilometers would go with a bigger engine, these guys are looking to do far more heavy enduro on the route less travelled. Their website explains how they choose the 690’s and what their thought process was. You can read it here. https://www.endurover.com/adventure.php#Riders



What they have manage to do so well is you hear about the African trips but this has to be the most interactive I have seen, with live tracking, daily video’s and interesting photo’s, all with adventure in mind and a good dash of South African humour. Their facebook site is kept up to date daily and you can see what these riders are going through and the amazing sites they are seeing. https://www.facebook.com/endurover/


We wish them luck on their journey!