RACING WITH RAD_KTM by Savannah Woodward

My partnership with RAD KTM began just prior to the country wide Covid-19 lock down, where I was given the opportunity to become one of RAD KTM’s, KTM adventure bike test riders.  From here on my relationship with the brand and team grew.

The conversation started where we contemplated the possibility that I get a seat on a KTM for the remainder of the 2020 season, however, at present there is not a KTM bike that complies with Motorsport South Africa’s (MSA) regulations.

The idea came up of putting me on a KTM Motard.  This then gave me the opportunity to compete in the Superbike Mag Short Circuit Series which I have been out of for almost two years.

Sadly, there weren’t any KTM SMRs available for me to race but this did not stop us.  RAD KTM converted a KTM 450 SX-F into a Motard enabling me to compete in the Super Motard 2 class.

We did not have the time to do major set up, which resulted in us having no data for the bike we also did not have some of the assisting extras, so the bike was developed as we went along.

I finished 8th overall in round 2 of the Superbike Mag Short Circuit Series which took place in August 2020:  Through a lot of communication, trying new tactics and a lot of trial and error we are turning the bike into a machine that I can gel with.  Two months later after lots of hard work, I finished 4th overall in round 4, and I believe we will only improve from here.  The RAD KTM brand and team backed and believed in me when not many others did.  I am excited to see what the future holds!