RAD Junior racing takes on the GXCC #7

It was perfect racing conditions at the last GXCC of the season in Zorgfliet, with rain the night before and an overcast sky that threatened rain but kept the moisture on the track. Our RADMoto Junior team was decked out in their pink tutu’s and Mohawks in support of the Pink drive for Breast cancer awareness.

Racing we had Caydian Van Der Spuy on his 85 SX, competing in both the club and the regional’s, finishing in 6th and 5th respectively, his pink Mohawk on his helmet showing his support. This kid has style on his bike, not just with the kit but he shows a control over the motorbike that belies his age.

Hanju De Kock, also rocking the hair do on his helmet, stator went at the beginning of the race while he was first. But they were able to get him back up and riding, raced his 50cc to a very well placed 5th position, starting the race last. He has such a marvelous style of riding, straight out of the pro leagues.

Mackenzie Bam who’s birthday it was, happy birthday, celebrating in her pink wings came in 9th in the 65 category, even though she was on her 50cc, getting some practice in the next year when she potentially moves onto the 65SX. Gumption and determination saw this slight rider push her bike to its limits in the class.

Reece Lodewick pushed himself and his 65cc to a well placed 5th position, which required him to dig deep and afterwards in the pits you could see he left everything on the track. The class is loaded with talented youngsters and we are proud to have a talent like Reece in our pits.

Our high school rider Dumel Du Plessis, who’s seemingly effortless calm style of riding hides just how fast he is going pulled a 9th in a very competitive field in the 125 category, and racing his 85sx he came in an impressive 3rd place. 5 hours of flat out racing!

Joss Alexander, who was there with his Dad Charles to support the team. He is still recovering from injury, but he was in the pits assisting his teammates, cheering them on and was the first to offer them congratulations when they crossed the finishing line. With a party for Mackenzie for her birthday at the end of the race, it was the perfect way to end a chilly but good day at the races.

Big thank you to the John for setting pits up, offering help and assistance where he can. We at RAD are keeping Taki, his son in our prayers.


To the parents of our team, thank you, without you this would not be possible, and they do the the heavy lifting which allows our young ones to flourish. It was good to see the camaraderie, the spirit of racing that our racers and parents have, willing to help anyone who needed to, on and off the team. It is a spirit that RADMoto praises and encourages, the racing family.


Last but not least, to the sponsors, Motul, Fox and F61, thank you for getting our riders racing and for your support through this year.