RAD Moto KTM bike testing 2020

A thrilling day out, testing some orange beauties!

This lockdown period has been a big downer on all the bike loving enthusiasts. Therefor you can understand my enthusiasm to get back on track. I was fortunate enough to spend the day out testing with RAD Moto on the following KTM bikes: 500 EXC-F, 890 Duke R and the 1290 Super Duke R. It was a busy but fun day out on the tar. Social distancing was luckily a piece of cake as it was not an easy task to pulling my heart from the KTM’s.

The first bike I tested was the KTM 500 EXC-F and it was definitely not what I expected. An exhilarating all round multipurpose dream. We all know the bike performs like a dream on the dirty stuff and it is also extremely smooth on the road.

RAD Moto are offering an additional versatile riding experience to the mix, with a quick change of rims and tyres the bike turns into an enduro and road bike which is also then suitable for asphalt circuit motard riding. This adds to more adrenaline filled days and moments.

If you are a weekend warrior, then this is the bike for you especially if you don’t want to be tied down to a single riding category. With very little changes you can have a whole new dynamic to the bike.

Now the KTM 500 EXC-F will not only be known as a brilliant adventure and enduro bike but as a competitive motard too.

I have ridden multiple motards and I see this as a great bike for weekend riders, race fanatics and asphalt circuit riders. With an easy twist of the throttle the power delivery is instant but smooth. The bike is easy to handle and has phenomenal turning capability.

All in all, a great all-rounder.

After spending time out on the EXC-F it was time to get DUKED!!

I personally felt that it might have been difficult to test the KTM Duke 890 and Duke 1290 around Formula K, the kart circuit. But to my surprise it was a lot better than expected.

The Duke 890 as we all know is an upgrade on the Duke 790. There have been significant changes throughout the bike; from the engine, electronics, suspension, brakes to the Ready-To-Race Ergonomics.

Yes, the Duke 890 is not seen as a bike suitable for go-kart track riding, however due to the bike being nimble and light this made it a breeze to handle. The bike has a healthy amount of power making the ride that much more adrenaline filled.

Then it was time to jump on the Duke 1290 R and what a machine it was. Mean power that takes your breath away which brought me to my knees knowing I couldn’t experience the bikes full rath on the go-kart circuit. This was my only downer to my day.

With my racing blood and need for speed, you can only imagine the burning inside me to push the bike to its limits. Never the less, I immediately felt the bike punch out the corners down the short straights. If you are looking for a bike that will take your breath away from the moment you sit on it – then look no further.


Savannah Woodward #77