RADMoto and the Adventure Academy Exclusive Duke day

I don’t think there has ever been that many Dukes in one place other than on the factory floor of KTM. On the 15th of September, a gorgeous spring day, RADMoto hosted the first exclusive Duke Day and by the time we were ready to leave there wasn’t an inch of space in our bike parking area. 52 Dukes in all, ranging from the smaller cc’s parking to their big brothers, the 1290 Superdukes. A smattering of the original 990 and 690’s were also in the mix and the new scalpel, the 790 Duke, sat happily next to the smaller 390’s. Excitement was high for this self navigating ride, and with the riders fueling on our coffee and sandwiches, they chatted with one another about the bikes. After a safety briefing from Andy they were off.

The midway point was Wheelie Row in Harties, and RADMoto was waiting with shade and water when the riders arrived. A few lost stragglers were found and shepherded by our marshals while we had a demonstration of wheelies, endo’s and even a burn out to wet our appetites. The riders spoke about how amazing it was to come out to this area with like minded riders. They complimented Andy on the route and the smaller cylinder riders were surprised at how much fun it is to do a longer trip. After hydration and another safety chat the riders set out over the bridge. It was a sight to behold. A 50 strong pack of bikes riding over the dam bridge, with smoke from the burn outs wafting through the air and the growl of the engines the music to match.


The group returned over the dam with a hot midday sun glinting off the water, to arrive at Woody’s, our lunch destination. With tables dotted over a sprawling lawn, live music playing, and our own parking area, we all arrived hungry and thirsty but incredibly happy with the day. With the sounds of the old school rock and the cold refreshments going down our group ordered delicious food and chatted to the now new friends, exchanging stories and antidotes. Smiles and laughs were prevalent, and as we overlooked the bikes parked in one long stretch, we toasted to a good ride, and look forward to doing it again. Thank you to everyone that joined us on this ride and made it such a success.