Second Social Breakfast Run with RADMoto

The landscape opened up in front of us, the sun making the heat rolling off the black top as we rode into Askari Game reserve and Spa. We were on our monthly RADMoto Social Sunday breakfast ride, and we had arrived at our destination. A little thirstier, a little hungrier, a little warmer and with bigger smiles than when we started that morning. The second run on our monthly rides started from RAD with invigorating coffee, introductions to the unfamiliar, greeting to old friends and a safety briefing from Arnold.

9 bikes and 14 participants left promptly at 8am with the air just heating up as we headed out to Magaliesburg. It was the perfect day for it judging by the sheer number of bikes we encountered on our way to the mountain range and our destination. The scenery was breath taking but our riders were loving the pace and having a ball riding the big adventure bikes on roads that were in good condition in a beautiful setting. We shot out via the Hekpoort Pass which has sweeping corners and flowing roads that allow for smooth riding. With the group stopping at each turn so as not to lose anyone, we had a worry free enjoyable ride before heading into Askari.



Askari is a hidden gem. It boasts the largest privately owned animal drawn vehicle collection and has daily safari’s into their game reserve. Within a few minutes we had already spotted the elephants that come down to the watering hole in the afternoon. With soaring mountains in the distance and a valley laid out before us we sat outside to enjoy their buffet breakfast. The food is delicious, the company was exceptional and the view amazing. I for one was ready to book a room. With refreshing juice and some good grub in our bellies, we had a look at the museum. It has some very interesting carts from the last two centuries. There is even one from 1941, which just shows it was not that long ago that we got automotive. The Museum also has displays of carpentry tools, clothing, household objects and the evolution of man, which was interesting and informative.

After a lovely morning we left the single horse power carts and climbed onto our bikes with a few more horses in the engines and headed home in smaller groups.


Thank you for everyone that joined and hope to see you on the next one.