Why Orange?

KTM is not just a bike, its a lifestyle. Everyone has heard that before and for those in the know they nod their heads. Those who are not scoff, but it doesn’t matter because once you are on orange, you are on orange for life. It’s a matter of time before that mate of yours’ blood will also turn orange. Why? What is so unique about this brand? My personal opinion is Tinkerbell sits in the factory and sprinkles each of the bikes with just a touch of magic dust, but since that’s not a steadfast reason lets go through a few.

Could it be that KTM puts more money into R&D then any other manufacturer in the world?


Could it be that even when they have done the best they can, they try to do better? Is it possibly the razor edge of development they not only balance on, but also make sharper? Commuter bikes with race technology, 2 strokes with fuel injection, 1300 cc beasts that weigh the same as their horsepower number. Where do they came up with this?


Or potentially is it that the motto Ready to Race is found in each part of every KTM that rolls out of the factory and lives in the very hearts of these machines?

450 SX has to have a starter motor or it’s too light to race in AMA.. Name the last time anything but a KTM won the dakar. MXGP, the world champs of Motorcross, has the first and second places battling it out, on KTM’s.

What about our very own Brad Binder taking his championship on a KTM.

Or another South African, Camden Mc Lellan, who became the first South African to take an FIM European championship. And he did it in 2018 on his orange 85 SX. And at any and all hard enduros, hare scrambles, or anything with dirt near it, the starting line is a sea of orange.


We had a client come in who has done a 2 year journey on his 1190 to raise funds for children in the Middle East. The bike had done more than 200 000 km’s!

KTM’s accomplishments are starting to be a thing of legend.

Now we here at RAD are very passionate about our orange bikes and could go on all day (and will if given half a chance), but why don’t you tell us one thing why you ride KTM.

My reason is simple. I like to be happy.


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